From the beginning, Armanino has embodied a robust culture of giving back and supporting charitable organizations with donations of money and volunteerism. The Armanino Foundation was created in September 2016 to provide staff, partners and the Armanino firm, as well as clients, vendors and friends of the firm, a formal organization for community giving.

The mission of the Armanino Foundation is:
To assist charitable organizations that create a positive impact on the lives of people in our communities.

The foundation empowers Armanino’s team members to influence its impact based on their passions through community service, donations and service as leaders. Staff and partners from all the firm’s major offices and remote locations comprise the Grants, Volunteer Vacations and Promotions Committees and the six-member board that carry out the Armanino Foundation mission.

Learn more about the Armanino Foundation by reading our Annual Report.


To accomplish its mission, the Armanino Foundation focuses its charitable giving and activities on the following four areas:

• Education
• Health & Social Services
• Animal Welfare
• Arts

The Armanino Foundation is primarily a grant-making organization. The Grants Committee evaluates recipients on the following criteria: they must be in good standing with the IRS and related governing authorities, as well as provide services or programming in one of the four areas of interest. Some of these charitable organizations are clients of the firm.

Armanino Staff: Complete the Armanino Foundation Grant Nomination Form to nominate
your favorite charitable organization.

Armanino Partners: Complete the Partner Sponsorship Form to recommend
a contribution to a charitable organization.


The Dollars for Doers program enhances the volunteer contributions of individual team members by providing grants worth $10 per hour for time spent in service at a qualified charitable organization. At the end of each quarter (or the year), team members (staff and partners) who volunteer at qualified 501(c) organizations will submit a signed statement on the nonprofit’s letterhead verifying the volunteer hours completed to the Armanino Foundation. At the end of the year, the Foundation will send that organization a grant reflecting the hours worked. The Dollars for Doers grants will be provided at two levels per calendar year. The minimum amount per year = 25 hours for a grant of $250. The maximum amount per year = 50 hours for a grant of $500.

Individual Contributor Example: Employee A works at a local soup kitchen 25 hours/year, earning a $250 grant to the nonprofit.

Organize a team and DOUBLE the dollars: The Dollars for Doers program honors your leadership commitment when you involve additional Armanino team members in your volunteer project.  We will double the grant amounts when more than one Armanino team member volunteers for the same charitable organization. Additionally, the Armanino Foundation Outreach Committee will provide promotional enablement such as an email template and local office promotion.

Team Contribution Example: Employee B runs a backpack drive, spending 10 hours on the activity. 15 other employees give 1 hour of their time buying supplies to support the backpack drive. The total contribution is 25 hours. With the teamwork bonus, the team earns $500 for the nonprofit.

All qualified nonprofits must fall into one of the four areas of interest for the Armanino Foundation: Education, Health & Social Services, Animal Welfare or The Arts. If a team member intends to submit a grant request exceeding the potential amount provided by Dollars for Doers, it is recommended he/she submit the grant request before sending an hours statement.


Every year, Armanino closes its offices to deliver a day of hands-on volunteer service to community-based organizations and nonprofits through The Great Give event. The result? More than 800 partners and staff provide over 6,400 hours of hands-on support to help fulfill organizational missions from Chicago, Seattle, Portland and Dallas to San Francisco, Boise and Los Angeles. Our team members have partnered with charitable organizations in our communities for more than 10 years and The Great Give grows more popular each year.

The Great Give symbolizes the Armanino culture of teamwork and collaboration. For our employees, The Great Give is part of what makes the firm a great place to work because it provides an opportunity for each employee to take a day off and use it to give back to their own communities where they live and do business. In the process, each employee and the firm create closer ties and stronger bonds with the people and leaders of Bay Area communities.

Activities for The Great Give have ranged from building repairs and classroom teaching appearances to landscaping and serving food to the homeless. If you are a nonprofit client of Armanino and would like to be considered for a project, please email:


Beyond its focus on charitable giving, the Armanino Foundation organizes Volunteer Vacations. Volunteer Vacations take the concept of the firm’s Great Give event beyond a single day and extend our community-building goodwill across the globe and for a longer period of time (for example, 3-7 days at a time). The Armanino Foundation recognizes that many of our team members are looking for alternative ways to give back locally and globally. This unique program is open to all employees and partners, as well as their family and friends, in all offices and remote locations.

Armanino Foundation team members have completed Volunteer Vacations in Dallas, TX; Catalina Island, CA; Maui, HI; Orlando, FL; and Houston, TX; Portland, OR; and Chiang-Mai, Thailand.