Dollars for Doers

Enhancing Your Contribution

Grants for time spent in service at a qualified charitable organizations.

We encourage team members to volunteer at qualified 501(c) organizations. At the end of the year, submit a signed statement on the nonprofit’s letterhead to [email protected] verifying the volunteer hours completed and the Foundation will send that organization a grant reflecting the hours worked. The Dollars for Doers grants will be provided at two levels per calendar year. The minimum amount per year = 25 hours for a grant of $250. The maximum amount per year = 50 hours for a grant of $500.

Grant Levels

Volunteer Hours

Dollars for Doers grants will be provided at two levels per calendar year.

Minimum: 25 Hrs. for $250
Maximum: 50 Hrs. for $500
Above & Beyond

Organize a team and DOUBLE the dollars

The Dollars for Doers program honors your leadership commitment when you involve additional Armanino team members in your volunteer project. If a team member intends to submit a grant request exceeding the potential amount provided by Dollars for Doers, it is recommended he/she submit the grant request before sending an hours statement.

Double the Grant Amount Promotional Enablement
We will double the grant amounts when more than one Armanino team member volunteers for the same charitable organization. The Armanino Foundation Outreach Committee will provide promotional enablement such as an email template and local office promotion.
Dollars for Doers Volunteers
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