Financial Literacy

Virtual Training

Finance and Career Building Blocks

The Armanino Foundation has created a turnkey virtual training program where Armanino team members can help increase financial know-how and progress for those in need.

Our goal is to offer our three 1-hour courses to community colleges in our office regions. If you are interested in learning more please reach out to us [email protected] or [email protected]


One Hour Courses

We offer three different Financial Literacy courses and each is approximately 60 minutes long.

  • Budgeting Basics
  • Resume Writing
  • Managing Credit Cards and Credit Scores
Positive Impact

Benefits for Our Financial Literacy Program Partners

Access to year-round financial literacy training for your organization’s participants.

Scheduling flexibility – we can provide instructors to offer a course in the evening and on a weekend when it is most accessible and convenient for your participants.

Multi-lingual options – We have a limited number of volunteers who are fluent in Spanish and Mandarin. If you would like a bilingual course presentation, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Preparation and partnership – The Armanino Foundation provides “Train the Trainer” courses to prepare all our volunteer instructors for your audience. Additionally, we will meet with you in advance to understand any special needs or concerns you may wish to address in advance of our presentations. Finally, you will have the opportunity to review our standard presentations and ensure they are well suited for your participants before signing up for our program.

For the Community
No strings attached – The Armanino Foundation will not promote our firm’s services to your participants. Our motivation is truly altruistic, seeking to deliver on our mission to make a positive impact on the communities where we work and live.


Benefits for Our Volunteers

  • Year-Round Access

    Access to year-round Virtual Volunteer opportunities – you can do something now about today’s pressing social and economic challenges

  • Scheduling Flexibility

    Teach a course in the evening and on a weekend when it is most accessible to the audience and convenient for you

  • Use Language Skills

    If you are bi-lingual, you are invited to translate the training materials and offer the course in Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog and other languages

  • Preparation & Partnership

    A “Train the Trainer” on-demand course to prepare you for your lesson. Also, we will pair you up with a colleague to ensure you have the support you need to feel confident in the virtual classroom

  • Limited Time Commitment

    This initiative is a great way to give back without having to invest a lot of time to prepare and deliver a webinar. You do NOT need to be an expert in the topics to deliver a session

  • Professional development

    Your participation looks great to your manager as you work to develop your soft-skills